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お知恵を拝借できますか? Boost計について







唯一見つけたのが、あの懐かしのl-c-t社が販売している「MKV Vario Plus Control Module ** ULTRA **」です。一応EOSへの適合はMKV用という確認は同社のsupportから回答を得ました。


- NEW: display the calculated an pavement Horsepower

- NEW: display the calculated torque (in NM or lb-ft)

- NEW: display the RPM on the MFD

- NEW: highest torque value temporary hold - allows for much better reading

- display 0-60 mph time on the MFD (dashboard) in realtime

- display 0-90 mph time on the MFD (dashboard) in realtime

- display quarter mile time on the MFD (dashboard) in realtime

- display half mile time on the MFD (dashboard) in realtime

- display 0-100 kmh time on the MFD (dashboard) in realtime*

- display 0-140 kmh time on the MFD (dashboard) in realtime*

- display 400 metre time on the MFD (dashboard) in realtime*

- display 800 metre time on the MFD (dashboard) in realtime*

- NEW: calibrated measuring for KMH: dyno tested, even more accurate

- NEW: speed trap system now easier to use with all models, allows for "dirty" runs

- NEW: display the turbo boost pressure on 2.0tfsi or 1.9/2.0tdi engines on the MFD (dashboard) while driving

- NEW: change between absolute or relative boost pressure display

- NEW: change between KPA, PSI or BAR

- NEW: highest boost value temporary hold - allows for much better reading

- NEW: show the maximum relative boost pressure recorded in BAR on each valid test run

- display the actual o2-sensor (lambda) readings on the MFD (dashboard) in realtime

- allowing to select between 2-6 comfort blinks (factory is only OFF or 3) on either indicator

- automatically open/close the windows with the factory key remote

- NEW: open only the front windows or all windows with your key remote - just on the push of a button

- adding a special indicator or horn sequence while you are in reverse gear

- adding Brake Light Assist

- adding Mirror Park Assist (flips down the passenger side mirror so you can see the curb)

- NEW: temporary mirror park assist disable (no need to enter the menu to disable it)

- NEW: further improved error handling and compatibility

- NEW: features work with all automatic or manual shift and with or without steering wheel buttons

- NEW: works with other engines as well - all functions except for the boost display page are available

- NEW: localized versions available

- functions can be configured through our exclusive on dash menu via the MFD

- the module can be switched off to be completely invisible to any workshop

- easy installation - takes less than 10 minutes

- full plug and play installation: no wires to cut or splice!

- dual core processing power



the MKV vcm ultra will not work with ANY roof module installed. the MKV with any other roof module will not work ok together and we will be unable to give any support for that matter, because the product is not intended to be used with anything but a factory standard car.

smartTOPと両立しないのでは困ります。また MKV Vario Plus Control Moduleを装着するたびにsmartTOPを取り外すのも面倒ですし(例のT型アダプターを買っても取り外すたびに内張を外す必要あり)。。。。

EOS roof control module ** ULTRA ** には current boost pressure を表示する機能はありますが、ピークホールドができませんし、smartTOPに比べると本来の機能の信頼性が低いので出来れば対象外。4枚窓のワンタッチやサンルーフボタンのINVERT機能はsmartTOPの専売特許で、非常に捨てがたいです。

ということで、機械的にホースを切ってつなぐタイプしかないのかなと諦めかけているのですが、どなたかうまいブースト計をご存じの方、是非ともアドバイスをお願い致しますm(_ _)m