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RS National Meetで東日本大震災義援くじ開催

  Clio197.net/Clio200.netの主要メンバー、Royからメッセージが来ました。 とても嬉しかったので、全文掲載します。 -------------------------------- hi Masa just a little note on what they are doing at the RS National Afternoon all...A quick and exciting update for you. with only 4 weeks to go until the meet, we have been finalising a few of the details for the day. We will be having a 'Renaultsport' raffle at the upcoming National meet! RUK have kindly agreed to give away a number of Renaultsport Merchandise items including Fleeces, brolly's, keyrings and all that good stuff!! all you have to do is pay £1 to get a ticket with a number on, later that day a draw will be made for all the lucky winners!! You can obviously pay more than £1 if you want further tickets! All money raised will be going to The Red Cross and their effort to help the Japanese people after the devastating earthquake and Tsunami. It really is a good cause and I hope you will support us in trying to raise as much money as possible towards the relief effort. Tickets for the raffle will available by the RUK hospitality truck, which will be putting on a spread of food and drink for us all. A final request to you, if anyone wants to help me be a 'parking attendant' for the first hour of the meet it would be much appreciated, I am going to need abit of help seeing everyone into the different sections that we have organised (see pg1). if your interested just send me a PM. any help would be much appreciated! UPDATE 22/03/11: Top prize in the raffle will now be a UK based Renaultsport Trackday!! There are two spaces up for grabs, so all you have to do is enter the raffle on the day by paying £1 for a ticket or more if you want a better chance of winning! wink.gif All going towards a good cause! The Red Cross effort in helping the Japanese people come to terms with the recent Earthquake and Tsunami. Raffle tickets will be available from the RUK hospitality tent from 11am onwards. -------------------------------- 我々がチャリティーミニオフを東京ドイツ村で開催するのと同じ4月17日に、イギリスでは RS National Meet II が開催され、イギリス全国から Renault Sport 乗りが集まることは貴報の通りです。 今回のRoyからのメールを掻い摘むと、 Renault Sport 義援くじ を開催 ・Renault UK が様々なルノーグッズを提供 ・1ポンドでくじ引き1回。1回1ポンドで何回でもくじ引き参加可 ・集まった参加費はすべて、日本の震災・津波被害の救済にあたる赤十字社に寄付 嬉しいじゃないですか!!ありがたいじゃないですか!! やっぱり、Renault Sport 乗りに悪い人はいない。そして英国人に対して持っているイメージについて修正必要(笑) さて、一方で我々が開催するチャリティーミニオフでも、ジャンケン争奪戦に先立って、 東次さん主催のクジ引き大会が開催されます。 もちろん参加費は義援金として募金されます。ご参加の皆様、お楽しみに!!! rsbokin.JPG